Wedding Rings


Modern Wedding Rings

Modern Wedding ring designs feature distinctive sculpting techniques to capture the superb beauty of motion, form, flow, texture, tension, asymmetry, and balance. These designs often feature geometric and mathematical structures, blending abstract and organic elements. Modern wedding ring sets may also feature clever counterweighting, interweaving, or interlocking bands, combining and balancing hard and soft, powerful and delicate, traditional elements with futuristic applications.

Moderns wedding ring sets are made for the daring, energetic, soulful, and deep. Modern designs translate amazingly from female to male, drawing seamlessly from the yin and yang of strength and fragility, and work well with mixed metals, laser etching, mirror-gloss, bright colored stones, and unexpected combinations. Deceptively simple or outstandingly embellished, modern wedding ring designs embrace the romance and power of individuals joined forever in love.

Classic Wedding Rings

Classic wedding ring sets are always the epitome of good taste, their charm polished and poised. They may be understated, but they’re never unnoticed! The beauty of classic wedding rings is sophisticated and timeless. Classic style calls to mind the appeal of Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Princess Diana, the unending allure of loveliness in refinement.

Classic wedding rings are frequently offered in matching sets. The classic aesthetic is easily translated into feminine and masculine ring designs, so couples can match their classic wedding rings within a brand or beyond them by aligning the metal, finish, settings, or stones to create personalized sets. Classic wedding rings last the test of time and are the perfect symbol of everlasting love.

Unique Wedding Rings

Unique wedding rings are hard to define, impossible to ignore, and always ahead of the crowd. Featuring unusual shapes, shockingly clever combinations, reverence for extremes, and more art than one genre can hold, unique wedding rings are sure to blow everyone away. These designs are as diverse as they are distinct. Just like true love, you might not know what you're looking for, but you'll know when you find your own unique match.

Finding the right unique wedding rings can be challenging, but the adventure is part of the excitement! The extreme individuality of unique wedding rings makes them especially difficult to pair outside of a corresponding set, so search with your partner to find one ring design to delight you both or take up the quest to find each partner their own unique piece. Focusing on the most prevalent uniting features such as metal type and finish, gemstone color, and overall shape and line can meld two seemingly dissimilar designs into a lasting ideal unit. Unique wedding rings express your personalities and passions, for a marriage beyond compare.

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