KC Designs

ABOUT KC Designs

Friends first and business partners second, Lenny Krol and Joe Carullo have established KC Designs as a purveyor of fashionable, yet timeless, diamond jewelry. Built on a 45- year friendship, KC Designs proudly claims a reputation of excellence, originality, and affordability in the jewelry industry.

Lenny is the man behind the magic, his creative talents combined with a business/marketing background enable him to translate current trends as well as innovative new designs that make up KC Designs’ exquisite collections. Joe on the other hand has always been a “people person.” He is a master on the sales floor and is the true connector . . . offering Lenny’s “visions” to the masses. He is the voice of KC Designs and extremely active within the jewelry industry.

In the twenty five years since the company’s inception, KC Designs has garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion authorities alike. Distinctive diamond pieces have been showcased in feature films, major television network shows and many popular publications.

KC Designs creates jewelry that compliments every style from runway chic to Saturday afternoon casual. President Lenny Krol adds, “We want to redefine the image of diamond jewelry . . . making it more fun, approachable and accessible for women of all ages.”

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