ABOUT Chimento

The Company was founded in 1964 by Adriano Chimento, in Grisignano di Zocco, Vicenza. CHIMENTO is the story of an all Italian family, gifted with a great spirit of initiative and will power. Today, the Company is run by the family second generation. Originality, creativity and the leading principles of the brand remain the focus point.

CHIMENTO was founded in the province of Vicenza, 50 km away from Venice. From the XIV Century, Vicenza has boasted a prestigious history of master goldsmiths. CHIMENTO exports its style and brand worldwide in 40 countries. The partners are selected with great attention and care, according to the corporate values and consistently with the company’s image.

“CHIMENTO designs, crafts and sells elegant and classic jewelry pieces, characterized by adherence to the principles of simplicity, versatility, technical refinement and perfectly achieved complexity. These products are devised and created for the elegant and discerning client, who appreciates the high quality of our products and service. These are the founding principles of CHIMENTO’s philosophy”

CHIMENTO jewels are dedicated to women who love contemporary design, classic style and want the thrill of wearing a precious jewel every day.

CHIMENTO is the combination of our expert designer’s creativity and the wise and careful craftsmanship of our highly skilled goldsmiths.

Jewels are all Made in Italy, in our production facility and headquarters in Vicenza.

All CHIMENTO collections are a perfect blend of tradition and design.

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