ABOUT Armenta

The desire to design jewelry came from Armenta’s imagination as a child when learning about gemstones. As she got older her strong creative impulses grew as well, driving her imagination wild with the expressiveness that can be revealed through jewelry.

The inspirations behind many of Armenta’s designs are taken from the works of the renowned Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca. When stumbling upon his works she was immediately moved by his passion and understanding of the power of creativity in all its forms, especially in the way of duende, a spirit of unpredictable passions that surges within us, and how it manifests itself as a creative force.

Our partnership with our retailers is not only a great opportunity to sell beautiful jewelry, but also to tell an amazing story about inspiration and dreams that will hopefully inspire others. The story behind the women who work at the studio is truly one of inspiration and embodies the American Dream. I feel that I have been given a chance in life to make a difference in the lives of others and challenge the status quo. This belief is a guiding principle at Armenta that we all embrace and strive to pass on to others.

Armenta designs in 18K and 22K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, and “midnight” oxidized sterling silver with diamonds and gemstones which eludes a feel that is rugged yet refined. It is Armenta’s unique, modern approach to jewelry design which defines her signature look. She mixes her own gold to acquire her own perfect color. Armenta’s striking, feminine designs combine the romantic passion of Spanish poetry with a modern approach to hand-crafted jewelry. Our intention is to create something that will transport the wearer to an extraordinary place of thoughts and emotions.

All Armenta’s works of art are handcrafted and produced in Houston, TX.

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