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Heart Pendants

For all the ones that have your heart, heart-shaped pendant necklaces are a sweet and simple reminder of the love you share. Love the selection of enchanting heart pendant necklaces at Hint & Whisper, with the most sizes, settings, and stones in the finest precious metals.

Discover heart-shaped pendant designs that bring playfulness and passion to this symbol of love, with the finest craftsmanship and ingenious construction and bring your heart home.

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire pendant necklaces hold glittering diamond or gemstone solitaires in stunning necklace compositions. A solitaire features a single impressive stone accentuated by an enchanting setting, from pure, uncomplicated metal to fiery halos, to fluid shapes and geometric presentations that intrigue and stimulate! Hint & Whisper presents the finest array of solitaire pendant necklaces for your discerning taste.

Cross Pendants

Cross pendant necklaces from Hint & Whisper are a traditional and elegant way to celebrate your faith. Crafted from the finest precious metals and designed to uplift and inspire, cross pendant necklaces become treasured symbols that bring beauty and motivation to your love and life.

Hint & Whisper has the right cross pendant necklace for everyone, whether you're looking for a simple, embellished, traditional, or modern design.

Initial Pendants

Initial pendants let you make the letters that represent you, your most dear, or your family legacy into beauty and style. Wear your initial pendant to honor and celebrate the meaning it bears. From single letters to monograms, initial pendant necklaces from Hint & Whisper are timeless designs for you and your treasured loves.

Circle Pendants

Circle pendants display the oldest symbol of unity and continuity: the unending circle. From stunningly ornate to elegantly simple, circle pendant designs evoke the beauty and meaning of circles. These graceful styles speak to the power of what is most precious and the love that forms unbroken bonds. Find the circle pendant necklace that speaks to you at Hint & Whisper.

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