Fine Jewelery


Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces make visible links of chain an integral part of the design. Interlocking links of precious metal boldly echo the history of jewelry design and bring new art and vibrancy to the earliest gold and silver smithing techniques. Hint & Whisper's collection of bold and powerful to dainty and delicate chain necklace designs ensure every woman a chain necklace she'll love.

Sterling Silver Chain Necklaces

Sterling silver chain necklaces can be subtle or sumptuous, from plain metal links to intricate complications of chain and gemstones. Hint & Whisper's sterling silver chain necklace collection features exceptional designs from the finest silver designers.

White Gold Chain Necklaces

White gold chain necklace designs cover a wide and splendid array of designs for every taste. From fragile and understated to loud and proud, Hint & Whisper has all the white gold chain necklaces for your fashion moments.

Yellow Gold Chain Necklaces

Yellow gold chain necklaces have a fabulously extensive chapter in the history of fine jewelry. See the latest edition of spectacular yellow gold chain necklace designs here at at Hint & Whisper and make your own mark.

Diamond String Necklaces

Diamond string necklaces, or station necklaces, feature single or clustered diamond links strung between lengths of luminous precious metal chain, giving them appearance of floating around the neck on a delicate cord.This classic and popular style owes its enduring appeal to the beauty, symmetry, and versatility of diamond string necklace designs.

Hint and Whisper's diamond string necklaces evoke a lovely lightness and tantalizing grace. The refined spacing and sophisticated settings of each station on the string create memorable diamond string necklace styles to cherish and adore.

White Gold Diamond String Necklaces

The gracious strands of white gold interspersed with sparkling diamond settings establish white gold diamond string necklaces among the most sophisticated, stylish, and interesting necklaces in a woman's collection. Search Hint & Whisper for the white gold diamond string necklace that completes your look.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces come in a variety of shapes and styles and pack a punch of bold and daring design. Typically featuring big, brightly-colored jewels, statement necklaces can completely transform an outfit from drab to fab.

A huge trend on the fashion runways, statement necklaces are here to stay and are a must-have for any wardrobe. Hint & Whisper selection of statement necklaces is so remarkable, we're sure you'll find more than one thing to love.

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