He Might Propose Soon

The two of you have spent countless hours dreaming about the future, and you are certain that it won't be long before you are living life as a "Mrs." The only thing you are waiting for is that ring on your finger so you can begin to plan forever with your fella. He's been acting out of character lately, and you have a sneaking suspicion that he's ready to take that next step.

Here are some telltale signs that he might be planning that Perfect Proposal Moment:

1. He develops a sudden interest in jewelry.

Your guy has never paid much attention to the way you accessorize, especially in regards to fine jewelry. Lately, though, he comments on the style of your sister's engagement ring and asks your thoughts. Over dinner, he casually asks if you like white gold or yellow gold better. These seemingly random and innocent questions may be his way of gauging your preferences for the ring he plans to give you. You can help him out immensely (and also avoid these conversations) by creating your HintList with all of the stones, metals and designs that you love. He'll know exactly what you want without you ever having to say a word!

2. He involves you in big picture decisions.

To be fair, he's always trusted your feminine instincts for what he should wear to a job interview and how to decorate his apartment. But lately, he wants your feedback and buy-in for things like what neighborhood and school districts are best for raising kids, and if he should take a job that would require a lot of travel. He is thinking long-term and including you in plans for his future. And quite possibly, a proposal is step one in that forever plan.

3. Your dad is his new BFF.

The two of them have always gotten along swimmingly; however, when your boyfriend mentions he is heading out to grab a beer or a game of golf with your dad...without you...that might be a sign that some serious conversations are happening. If your dad lives out of town, and calls you and asks to talk to your fella, don't ask why. Just let chivalry run its course (and be happy you have a man willing to stick with tradition and include your father in approving his proposal and marriage to you).

4. Penny pinching.

He has always been responsible with his finances, but recently you notice a dramatic decrease in his spending habits. He opts for movie nights at home instead of the theater, budget-friendly dinners instead of seven course meals and close weekend getaways instead of globetrotting. You also notice he is taking an indefinite sabbatical from his weekly poker game with the guys. Chances are, he is directing his dollars toward a big purchase (like a ring!), so you should enjoy this spending shift!

5. He's working late...again.

Don't worry. His random, out-of-the-ordinary schedule that has him flustered could be secret trips to the jeweler to finalize the finishing touches to your ring, or meeting with people helping to coordinate your proposal. Cut the guy some slack when he rushes out the door for yet another early morning "conference call." Whether it be work or play, you know that his love for you is driving his schedule. And if he wants to keep the proposal a surprise, he's going to have to do some sneaking around and tell some "stories".

6. One of your rings goes missing.

Before you call the police or take your dog to the vet for an X-ray to see if he ate it, wait and see if that ring mysteriously re-appears a few days later. Your fella wants to make sure that your engagement ring fits perfectly, so he may "borrow" one that you wear regularly to confirm sizing. Save him the time and hassle of ring thievery by using Hint & Whisper's interactive tool that determines your size, and post it to your profile so he has it on hand at all times (pun intended)!

7. He has his phone on lockdown.

Trying to access his phone is like trying to decipher The DaVinci Code. Every time his phone rings, he jumps up and mouths, "It's work, sorry!" as he runs to the bedroom to speak in muffled tones. Breathe easy, sister. This proposal moment is as big of a deal for him as it is for you, and coordinating it all takes effort. Those secrets locked up in his phone are for your benefit! And yes, we realize all of this secret-keeping can be stressful. Try not to let your brain jump to inaccurate conclusions.

8. You are interrogated about your schedule.

You notice that you are playing 20 Questions with your guy about your plans for the upcoming weeks. He is trying to play it cool, but he has never shown interest in the details of your schedule like this. It may be a sign that he is planning something special in the near future!

9. He sends you to the salon to get your nails done.

Okay, girls. If this happens, you know it is a matter of days before that ring is on your finger! This is a rookie mistake for a gent trying to surprise his lady, but you gotta give him credit for wanting your hands to look perfect for all those pictures. And let's be honest, you want your ring to look perfect for all of those pictures, too!

If any of these activities strike a familiar chord, you may be hearing those wedding bells soon! Simplify the entire proposal process for him (and for you!) with Hint & Whisper's interactive tools that are designed to help you get the perfect ring while still preserving the romance of surprise. By creating your own profile, you are giving him the inside track on what your dreams are made of, and he can avoid those less-than-subtle tactics of trying to figure it out on his own.

You have to admit, his determination to surprise you is adorable. It's just one more reason why he is the perfect one to spend the rest of your life with!

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