Proposal Ideas

It hit you a while ago that you couldn't imagine spending the rest of your life without her. The time has come to make it official, and you're ready to create the perfect proposal. Ugh. Perfect. Proposal. But how? If you're stressing about how to give the girl YOU'VE always dreamed of something that SHE'S always dreamed of, we've got you covered.

The most important step to remember is that the piece of the pie that she's always dreamed of is the man who will be kneeling before her - that's you! The proposal is just the cherry on the top (but you most definitely want to have that #nailedit! moment). The second most important step in giving her the romantic moment she's always dreamed of is to consider her personality and preferences.

For all the world to see

1. A grand production. If the two of you enjoy the arts, contact the stage manager at your local theatre and coordinate a special appearance by YOU after the cast does the curtain call. Your love will take center stage as you fall to one knee and the crowd looks on with wild and encouraging cheers of congratulations.

2. Breaking news. Contact your local newspaper and take out a full-page ad with a creative "Will You Marry Me?" message for your partner. Find a special place to drink your coffee together and read the morning news. When she sees the ad, you can have the ring ready to give her. (Bonus points: if you live in a smaller market, you could ask to pre-record a small segment on the morning news.)

3. On cloud 9. Plan a mini-getaway for the two of you and coordinate with the flight crew ahead of time. Once you are coasting through the clouds, make an excuse to leave your seat (restroom is an obvious distraction) and give her the surprise announcement of a lifetime over the intercom. Take a knee while soaring miles high in the sky. Every time she flies, she’ll always remember the magical proposal.

4. Aqua ask. Visit a local aquarium and have the divers hold up a sign popping the big question, while underwater and surrounded by sea creatures. Divert her attention back to you as you drop to a knee to tell her all the ways she keeps your life afloat (see what we did there?) Just make sure the sign is waterproof!

Just the two of you

5. Written in the stars. Using glow-in-the-dark stars, write a proposal message on your bedroom ceiling. When the two of you you climb into bed for the night or for a nap, flip off the lights and remind her how she lights up your world.

6. Good morning sunshine. Often times, the best time and place to surprise a person is in the bathroom in the morning (It's the first place we all go in the morning, so it is a virtually foolproof plan). After she falls asleep, use lipstick to write "Will You Marry Me" on the bathroom mirror. The next morning, as she turns on the light and slowly wakes up, she'll be greeted with the message of a lifetime.

7. Game on. Customize your favorite board game (Scrabble is an easy one!) or have a personalized jigsaw puzzle made that has a hidden proposal message in it. Wait for the perfect rainy day to sit inside and get cozy while you play, and have the ring ready when that special moment arrives during the game.

8. Warm up during winter. On a particularly cold, snowy day, offer to scrape the snow off your partner's car before she leaves for work. Etch "Will you marry me?" into the ice on the car's windshield and wait for her heart to melt. (Tip: don't start the heater in the car until she has seen the message … you want her heart to melt, but not the message!)

9. Puppy love. You have been talking about taking this next step for months, but you were holding out until you were ready to make a lifetime commitment to the animal and your partner! Carefully attach the ring to the collar of your new fur baby and celebrate your new family of three.

Involve Family and Friends

10. A child-like affair. If one of you already has kids, let them be a part of the moment (favorite nieces, nephews, or let's would work, too!). Have the kids create a huge poster that says "Will You Marry Me?" and hold it while your loved one walks in from a day at work or from running errands. Swoop in behind the kids to see her eyes light up as you drop to a knee.

11. A friendly flash mob. Organize a dance with her closest family and friends to a catchy wedding song (like "Let's Get Married" by Run DMC or "Marry You" by Bruno Mars) or maybe one of her favorites! When she's at the mall shopping, perform a flash mob (surround her and break out in dance). At the end of the performance, drop to a knee to confess your forever-kind-of-love.

There are so many ways you can make this moment one that your partner will cherish forever. The key is to be creative, but also considerate. Tune in to her preferences, and tailor the moment for her. A girl who doesn't like to be the center of attention is likely to feel embarrassed with a big crowd watching.

A proposal is the beginning of your lifetime together, so the more you can incorporate things that are unique to your relationship, the more special the experience is. Remember that grandiose is not always greater . . . sometimes it's the little things matter the most.

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